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Creating compliant customer solutions

OpSec understands how paramount compliance is to our customers and that every government has unique regional requirements. We customize solutions to ensure compliance with all local and global legislation, including the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) regulations.

Our solutions provide tangible results and real-time traceability for our customers.

FCTC tax stamps

FCTC requirements

The World Health Organization (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) treaty provides an internationally coordinated response to combating the global tobacco epidemic and sets out specific responsibilities for governments addressing tobacco use, including fighting illicit trade.

Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products

The first protocol to be outlined under FCTC is the Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products (ITP), which aims to secure the supply chain of tobacco products through measures widely considered to be the ‘heart’ of the protocol. It mandates the establishment of a global tracking and tracing regime for each member country, providing complete supply chain visibility from the point of manufacture to the first point of retail sale. 

Economic operator and facility registration

Economic operator and facility registration

UID generation and issuance

UID generation and issuance

Production line monitoring and control

Production line monitoring and control

Complete supply chain traceability

Complete supply chain traceability

Uncompromised physical security features

Uncompromised physical security features

FCTC-compliant traceability

The OpSec® Insight platform provides all elements of an independent, FCTC-compliant track and trace solution, such as UID (Unique Identifier) request management, automated data collection, product aggregation, supply chain management, and enforcement reporting.

The first critical step in the implementation of an FCTC-compliant traceability solution is a consultative approach to register all Economic Operator stakeholders within the supply chain, along with all associated operating facilities, production equipment, and retailer locations.​

The Insight™ track and trace platform core functionality enables this process to be undertaken, approved and integrated seamlessly into the central Insight™ track and trace platform.

The Insight™ track and trace platform fully integrates with global tobacco factories, generating Unique Identifiers (UID) to ISO 15459 standard.

OpSec-issued UIDs enable unit pack to carton and master-case identification. These are already supplied to tobacco factories throughout Europe as part of the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) program.

Utilizing the Insight™ API technology, supply of UIDs are requested, generated, and delivered automatically to global manufacturers – marking the start of the complete tobacco supply chain traceability.  

OpSec’s proven production monitoring and control solutions have captured billions of tobacco UIDs on high-speed tobacco packing lines over the past decade.

With identifiers captured, checked, and activated in real-time, all local production data is then pushed to the central Insight™ repository for ongoing supply chain movement declarations and intelligence reporting.   

The Insight™ platform can utilize aggregated tobacco identifiers to enable complete supply chain traceability from manufacturer, to wholesaler to distributor and first retail outlet.

Insight™  allows for product aggregation and de-aggregation either directly within the Insight™ platform or via integrations with leading warehouse scanning equipment and software.

All production and movement declarations are captured in real-time, along with the operator, required metadata, and geo-location of each activity, ultimately enabling mobile enforcement anywhere within the supply chain and business intelligence reporting.

OpSec provides FCTC-compliant tax stamp security features to government clients worldwide, ensuring highly effective authentication of marked tobacco products.

This is achieved by combining banknote-level security features with OVD (Optically Variable Device) technology that provides market-leading security at overt, covert, and forensic levels.

OpSec provides full training to partners and government enforcement officials to ensure the ideal set of security features is chosen and to enable effective authentication anywhere within the supply chain.

An industry innovator, an accredited partner

As an industry leader in authentication solutions, OpSec continuously innovates to combat advanced counterfeit threats.

Our market-leading industry standards are reflected in our accreditations and memberships.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14298 Certified - Certified Security Printer - Intergraf
C-TPT Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
Cyber Essentials Certified
ITSA International Tax Stamp Association
IHMA International Hologram Manufacturers Association

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FCTC Treaty – Compliant tax stamp solutions

The global trade in counterfeit tobacco is an industry worth billions of US dollars that funds organized crime and terrorist activity. The FCTC’s ITP protocol aims to secure the tobacco supply chain to stamp out this devastating illicit trade.

The Insight™ platform provides complete supply chain visibility and enables governments to comply with all FCTC requirements.

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FCTC Treaty: Compliant Tax Stamp Solutions

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