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Joining forces for a safer world

Our collaborative ethos informs everything that we do. It’s why our teams are cross-continental and why our technologies are made to be integrated.

Fighting counterfeiters with the power of partnerships

Every government’s requirements are different. That’s why we partner with local agencies to utilize existing networks and proven protocols.

OpSec® Insight and our optical technology suite can be easily integrated with security and commercial printers. This allows print partners to utilize our patented technology while creating a streamlined, secure supply chain for the client.

OpSec has a heritage that spans four decades, with over 20 years in the tax stamp sector alone.

Why partner with OpSec Security?

Join our mission to combat counterfeiters together

A record of proven solutions for governments

Every year, OpSec protects over 10 billion products.

With 20 years of experience in the tax stamp sector alone, we safeguard government revenues with a portfolio of security features and real-time track and trace technology.

A global presence

We know that global challenges demand global solutions.

OpSec has dedicated teams in 11 countries and government solutions partnerships across the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

An accredited partner

We are an active member of over 15 industry associations and a founding member of ITSA.

All government solutions are operated under ISO14298 and ISO9001, the industry standards for security printing and quality management.

An industry innovator

We invest in continuous innovation with multiple software and optical development centers across the Americas and Europe.

Our values of integrity and trust

OpSec provides world-leading authentication solutions whilst upholding the highest levels of ethics. Our team is trained on anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies and our untarnished record over 39 years is a testament to this corporate wide integrity.

Our portfolio of proven technologies

OpSec has a heritage that spans four decades.

We combine optical and material science with digital traceability for multi-layered protection and complete supply chain visibility.

Our partnership in practice

Our local partner model

OpSec provides assured security throughout the supply chain by working directly with local manufacturers and vendors.

OpSec has protected Mozambique excise revenues

with a tobacco and alcohol tax stamp program. Our joint venture with a local partner ensures secure stamp distribution and dedicated in-country customer services.

Creating secure, sustainable solutions

Our print partnerships

OpSec partners with regional printing facilities wherever possible to drive efficiency and sustainability.

OpSec has worked with INCM Portugal

as one of our primary technology partners for over 20 years.

During this time, we have undertaken multiple technology transfers and partnerships to deliver solutions to government clients worldwide.

Selected industry partners

Luminescence Sun Chemical Security
Lake Image
INCM Imprensa Nacional Casa Da Moeda

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