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Optical technology meets real-time tracking

OpSec is a leading supplier of tax stamp security, authentication systems, and traceability solutions that enable governments to protect their revenues and ensure the safety of their citizens.

Our digital tax stamp solutions combine multi-layered security through:

  • Overt optical technology, high-security print and advanced holography
  • Covert and forensic technologies
  • Digital authentication and traceability, using OpSec® Insight

High security tax stamps

Tax Stamps and Direct to Product print provide governments with a way to mark their excisable products. These ‘marks’ can be authenticated and traced throughout the supply chain, providing valuable data.

OpSec is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14298 standards for production, distribution, and data management.

Supplied as either a wet glue banderol or adhesive labels, tax stamps combine overt and covert security features so consumers and customs staff can validate authenticity.

Combined with security print, holography, and a Unique ID in the form of serialization and/or a barcode, OpSec tax stamps provide the most effective protection available against counterfeiting and diversion.

Overt security features

  • Equinox – our patented reflective OVD technology with a dramatic color switch on movement for instant overt protection.
  • OVD Security Stripe – a distinctive multi-tone pattern, printed as a width of 10mm or less.
  • Unique ID Number – enables individual tracking and complete traceability throughout the supply chain.
  • Guilloche Print – an intricate, highly-ornate pattern that is easy to recognize and difficult to imitate.
OpSec overt security features

Covert security features

  • Micro Text – Between 0.1-0.2mm in height, this text is invisible to the naked eye and only legible with a microscope.
  • UV reactive inks – These invisible inks can only be seen under a UV light source. When exposed to UV light, the ink will appear with a luminous glow.
  • Taggant inks – Made up of microscopic taggant flakes that are invisible to the naked eye. Magnification is required to see the repeated polygon pattern.

Direct-to-product marking

Certain environmental factors and production speeds make physical security labels impractical.

Even in these cases, OpSec can provide robust protection by directly printing a unique identifier onto the product.

Each one of our unique identifiers provides an array of metadata for interrogation, such as:

  • Product brand
  • Production date
  • Production location
  • Factory of origin
Direct-to-product marking

OpSec® Insight

Compliance and convenience in one customizable platform

Mobile geotagging, real-time reporting, and full supply chain visibility – all in one digital track and trace platform.

Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting

Mobile enforcement and geotagging provide complete supply chain traceability in real-time.

Individual and aggregated tracking

Individual and aggregated tracking

Unique identifier generation enables complete traceability of individual goods, while aggregated tracking features provide an efficient container tracking solution.

Mobile enforcement

Instant authentication

Tax stamp approval technology combines with real-time supply chain data to enable instant authentication.

Completely customizable

Completely customizable

Dashboards are 100% customizable to ensure that the most vital data is instantly visible to the user.

Mobile Authentication

Mobile enforcement

For both enforcement officers and citizens, Insight™ authenticates specific security features and generates dynamic reports.

All of this functionality in one open API platform for seamless integration with your internal e-tax systems.

Product brochure

Tax stamp and revenue protection systems

OpSec protects products throughout the supply chain with optical security and real-time track and trace technology. Every one of our digital tax stamps combines multi-layered security with overt, covert, and forensic technologies and digital traceability.

Discover more about the technologies behind our digital tax stamps here:

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