Fuel marking and traceability

Providing real-time revenue protection

OpSec provides fuel protection solutions to secure revenues while safeguarding the value of fuel in the global economy and citizen safety.

Our real-time track and trace platform, OpSec® Insight, combines with industry-leading Fuel marking technologies and test equipment to record all fuel marking activity throughout the supply chain.

Insight ™ utilizes the power of Business Intelligence reporting to offer unrivaled transparency of each step in the fuel marking process, enabling enforcement staff to understand key trends in all activities from the point of marker production and shipment through to dosing and enforcement.

OpSec InSight for Fuel Marking

$100 billion

is lost by African governments to fuel fraud each year.1

The fuel protection platform tracks:

Fuel injection

Depot marker injection data

Supply chain movements

Geotagging of all marker supply chain movements

Fuel enforcement activity

Detailed enforcement data

Test pass/fail rates by location

Test pass/fail rates by location

Fuel composition test results

Fuel composition test results

OpSec® Insight

Our complete fuel marking platform

Fuel marking process map

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