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The global trade in counterfeit and smuggled excisable products, such as tobacco, has an estimated value of US$40–50 billion dollars. The effects on industries and the businesses that operate within them can be devastating, as well as causing huge losses in tax revenue to governments.

OpSec’s programs around the world are proven to successfully combat this illicit trade, protect revenues and enable governments to meet their obligations under the FCTC ITP Protocol.

OpSec achieves this by combining banknote-level security features with our proven digital track and trace technology.

OpSec InSight for Tax Stamps

OpSec® Insight

Our complete digital tax stamp platform

Economic operator and facility registration

Economic operator and facility registration

UID generation and issuance

UID generation and issuance

Production line monitoring and control

Production line monitoring and control

Complete supply chain traceability

Complete supply chain traceability

Uncompromised physical security features

Uncompromised physical security features

The OpSec® Insight platform provides an independent track and trace solution. This includes UID (Unique Identifier) request management, automated data collection, product aggregation, supply chain management, and enforcement reporting.

The first critical step in the implementation of a tobacco tax stamp traceability solution is a consultative approach to register all Economic Operator stakeholders within the supply chain, along with all associated operating facilities, production equipment, and retailer locations.​

The Insight™ track and trace platform core functionality enables this process to be undertaken, approved and integrated seamlessly into the central Insight™ track and trace platform.

The Insight™ track and trace platform fully integrates with global tobacco factories, generating Unique Identifiers (UID) to ISO 15459 standard.

OpSec-issued UIDs enable unit pack to carton and master-case identification. These are already supplied to tobacco factories throughout Europe as part of the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) program.

Utilizing the Insight™ API technology, supply of UIDs are requested, generated, and delivered automatically to global manufacturers – marking the start of the complete tobacco supply chain traceability.  

OpSec’s proven production monitoring and control solutions have captured billions of tobacco UIDs on high-speed tobacco packing lines over the past decade.

With identifiers captured, checked, and activated in real-time, all local production data is then pushed to the central Insight™ repository for ongoing supply chain movement declarations and intelligence reporting.   

The Insight™ platform can utilize aggregated tobacco identifiers to enable complete supply chain traceability from manufacturer, to wholesaler to distributor and first retail outlet.

Insight™  allows for product aggregation and de-aggregation either directly within the Insight™ platform or via integrations with leading warehouse scanning equipment and software.

All production and movement declarations are captured in real-time, along with the operator, required metadata, and geo-location of each activity, ultimately enabling mobile enforcement anywhere within the supply chain and business intelligence reporting.

OpSec provides security features for tax stamps to government clients worldwide, ensuring highly effective authentication of marked tobacco products.​

This is achieved by combining banknote-level security features with OVD (Optically Variable Device) technology that provides market-leading security at overt, covert, and forensic levels.​

OpSec provides full training to partners and government enforcement officials to ensure the ideal set of security features is chosen and to enable effective authentication anywhere within the supply chain.

Tax stamp process

Our projects in action

Portugal cigarette tax stamps


Tobacco and alcohol tax stamp program

Tobacco and alcohol tax stamp program and government technology transfer

20 years working with the Portuguese government on excise stamp and joint technology programs.

Mozambique alcohol tax stamp


Tobacco and alcohol tax stamp program

Stamp production and secure distribution – with digital track and trace

30,000 illicit cigarette packets were seized in the first 3 months of the program.

Malta digital tax stamp program


Digital tax stamp program

Digital tax stamp program with TPD UID issuance

2.6 million illicit cigarette packets were seized within the first 12 months.

Estonia alcohol tax stamp program


Alcohol tax stamp program

Full-face OVD tax stamps with 30 overt, covert and forensic security features

100% increase in legal alcohol sales in the first year of the program.

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