Timber marking and traceability

The scale of illicit timber trade

Governments around the globe lose up to $100 billion each year thanks to the illicit trade of logged timber.  According to the UN, illegal logging threatens biodiversity and is often linked to organized crime groups and even terrorism.


of all wood traded worldwide is from illegal logging.1

OpSec® Insight

Our proven timber marking solution

Authentication, tracking, and complete supply chain reporting – in one comprehensive platform.


Provides a mobile enforcement solution throughout the supply chain

Authenticates legal market operators

Secure roundwood marking solutions at an individual log and consignment level


Track timber from the point of logging to processing

Our solution remains effective, even in regions with no reliable internet coverage

Our GPS tracking technology provides precise geotagging


Complete supply chain reporting and operator interrogation

Enables enforcement of tax revenues on roundwood

Open API platform for seamless integration with government systems

Proven solutions tailored to you

OpSec considers your unique market infrastructure when developing your program. Our solutions combine industry-leading authentication and traceability tailored to your specific market requirements.

Whenever appropriate, our solutions can utilize a set of proven technologies, including:​

  • High-security tagging​
  • Encrypted direct marking technology​
  • GPS tracking technology​

The Insight™ track and trace platform adapts to the specific supply chain, infrastructure, and illicit challenges of each forestry industry while enabling nations to meet legal and environmental obligations.  

OpSec InSight for Forestry

OpSec® Insight

Our complete timber marking platform

Timber marking process map

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References: 1WWF